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Husband & wife wedding photography team based in Virginia but serving couples anywhere in the States, Europe, and beyond!

The problem solver, encourager, friend, and protector of you and your wedding day intentionally serving you and your family.

The one that will be putting together your photo timeline, answering all your emails, sharing all things wedding so that you can be confident in your wedding planning decisions. 

I didn't originally pursue this life of wedding photography, it found me! I was the nerdy quiet girl growing up, not really knowing what the future held. But I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I almost started “Em’s Bakery” because baking and sharing sweet treats is one of my love languages.

But I fell in love with photography when we showed up to our first wedding and I captured the sweetest candid moment between a bride and her daddy. Taking that one photo gave me an overwhelming sense of joy and the feeling that this is what I'm meant to do.

To this day, I'll still get those butterflies when I snap a sweet candid moment on your wedding day.

Meet emily

your biggest cheerleader

Photo Taken by: Robin Skievaski Photography

I love a good ole fashioned high tea with delicious pastries, biscuits & meringue dessert, and exchanging conversation in my British accent! This love of tea stems from my childhood tea parties with my mom, grandma, & great grandma. My great grandma's tea set was used at our first EH Bride Reunion (pictured above).

all things british

Jimothy. James Willis. Jamsey poo. Jimbo. He's been my best friend since middle school and my husband for over 7 years! He's the leader of our home and the best business & life partner I could ever have asked for. I couldn't imagine life without my kind, calming, hardworking, nerdy, better half. 

my best friend


I have a slight obsession... And I can't pass up the ones that need a little TLC in the discount section! I love the simple & easy care they need & the life they bring each space in our home.



I love sharing all the industry secrets. You'll find that I am more detailed than some photographers but my free resources have come in handy for my couples! I love helping any way I can!

the little details


Warm breeze, sandy feet, and sweet tea: My favorite place on earth is Charleston, SC. We have been known to take a few trips down throughout the year to enjoy time with family and explore!

Charleston, sc



I have been to over 100 sports games at Virginia Tech in my lifetime & had the dream of graduating from Tech in their highly competitive Vet program! While I sadly never lived this dream of attending VT, I still consider myself a HOKIE for life!

i love my hokies!


Her favorite things:

Photo Taken by: Robin Skievaski Photography

Photo Taken by: Robin Skievaski Photography

"She was super sweet to me when I opened up to her about being insecure a few days before the wedding... and then made me feel beautiful on my wedding day."

Tim & Caroline

The laid back one who thrives behind the scenes making sure all the details are taken care of. And if needed that day, he's the methodical one to solve any problems.

The one that will be prepping the gear before your wedding, keeping the guys on time and behaving, and the secret weapon to our quick turnaround time for your photos.

With over 10 years in this industry, I have become proficient in editing, creating composition, knowing our gear inside and out, and getting bonus behind the scenes coverage of your wedding day.

I was the first one to get into wedding photography by second shooting for fellow creatives. When Em joined me behind the camera, I could see how well our strengths and weaknesses paired nicely to serve our couples well. 

My favorite thing to capture on wedding days is magazine worthy portraits. I love challenging myself to find or create lead lines, perfectly line you up in the rule of thirds, and create that wow moment during bride & groom portraits.

Meet James

the quiet & calm one

Photo Taken by: Robin Skievaski Photography

His favorite  things:

With 10 years of marketing experience I have developed the knowledge to provide high quality media to successfully market small businesses. Head over to my BRANDED page for more info!

marketing photo & video

From candle scents to technology Apple is the way. I am always up to date on the latest tech, appreciate the branding, and love the way all Apple devices can work together flawlessly.

anything apple


experimenting with recipes


I love trying new recipes or trying to replicate a Michelin Star meal from one of the greats. Any time we travel I look for a restaurant owned by some of my favorite chef's Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck, or Bobby Flay to enjoy one of their creations.

I attended Liberty University starting out with different plans. But this experience led to job opportunities that brought me to where I am today. I'm grateful for my time at this school and still enjoy covering some athletic events throughout each year.

liberty flames



She may drive me crazy sometimes worrying about all the little details but she keeps my head on straight and pushes me to achieve things I never thought I could do.



Photo Taken by: Robin Skievaski Photography

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