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From someone who has been in your shoes (recently) and made it to the other side! We're gonna deep dive into what's working & what's not, create a game plan, and actually get shiz done!

I specialize in coaching creative small business owners who finally check off those "to do list" items they've been putting off 

You probably have a list somewhere full of things you'll do whenever you have spare time or during your off season. But it's been 6 months or maybe even over a year and you still haven't touched the things on your list that will take you to the next level.

You're overwhelmed about where to even start and maybe you're even starting to question if you should still be a creative small business owner??

I'm here to give you clarity on where to start, a realistic game plan to get you there, and the accountability you need to accomplish these tasks that ultimately level up your business.

That's where I come in.

Emily- Workflows
Emily- Business Organization
Emily- Client Experience
Emily- Client Resource Creation
Emily- Emails- For clients or Flodesk
Emily- Pricing strategy
Emily- blogging strategy
Emily- Showit Website Editing
Emily- Organize thoughts & prioritize tasks
emily- audits & proofing



James- photo Gear 
James- video Gear
James- studio lighting & OCF
James- Apple & PC computer tech
James- other tech q's
James- Editing & aI
James- Podcasts

Don't see what you need?
Inquire with us and we can see if we're a good fit!

You've been in business for at least One year & are ready to level up

Coaching is for you if...



Coaching is for you if...


YOUR CLIENT EXPERIENCE feels stale and you wanna level it up

Coaching is for you if...



Coaching is for you if...



Coaching is for you if...


Website audit

Always Gracious & respectful


inquire now

Sometimes we are too close to our business to see what's missing or recognize where we could improve communication and brand online. I very intentionally learn about you, your business, your brand, your approach, etc. I take a look at your website to ensure you're representing your brand appropriately.

I will give you a video/screen share critique sharing recommended adjustments and tweaks to improve your client experience online. In addition to a website audit, you'll also have a bonus social media audit! This makes sure your brand is cohesive through your online presence.

Using a fresh set of eyes, I take a look at your website- every page (even the hidden links) to see what's working and what's not!

  •  Emily will comb through your website page by page to see your portfolio, your copy (text), brand appearance, overall flow, next steps for inquiring clients, etc. 
  • You'll receive a video (screen recording) critique of each page as Emily walks through her recommendations and thought processes on how to improve your site. 
  • You'll have access to these videos for up to 1 year
  • As a bonus, Emily will also include a brief overview of your social media platforms to make sure there is no  disconnect between your brand online and your website.

Investment: $250   $200

What's included:


These aren't your average coaching calls...

The whole reason I'm offering these coaching calls is to actually help you through some struggles and push your business forward.

I realized the need for a business coach after just 6 months of starting my business!! And it's because of this investment every year since that I'm where I am now!! That accountability has been a game changer and I'm so excited to be able to pay it forward!

To properly help and make this investment worth it, my coaching calls include more than just one 2 hour call. You'll get access to me in between calls so that when a random question pops up- as you're actually checking off your to do list- you can ask me (or James)!


This coaching service includes:

  • Coaching Calls with Emily via Google Meet
  • 1 on 1 coaching- Just me & you (And maybe James)
  • 2 three hour calls-(within one months time)
  • Access to Emily via email for questions
    in-between calls
  • Access to James for technology questions
  • Resources & Recommendations as needed
  • $700/per month of coaching (or see my 6 month investment!)

Investment: $700   $500

coaching calls

Results ultimately depend on whether or not you're ready to put in the work. I can help form a game plan but I can't do it for you... It has to be YOU! Your priority email access to me should be utilized! So as you get things done on your list, I'm here to help any way I can!

You're Willing To Do The Work

1 Or 2 Main Pain Points

The first step is to identify where you’re struggling in your business and your biggest roadblocks to success. We’ll discuss these in-depth during our calls and offer suggestions to help you overcome them. There will be quick deadlines which means lots of work in a short time.

1 Month of Coaching is for you if...

High Intensity & High Capacity 

A fancy way of saying big changes in a short amount of time. If you are in your off season or have a deadline coming up fast, this coaching service will be a great match. This is a lot of work in a short amount of time but if you're up for it, I'll stand in it with you!

inquire now

"Our conversation has sparked a lot!! I can't wait for our next call!"

Amanda | Southern Charm Events

Six months is a good timeframe to see results but also live your life with lots of grace. This mentorship experience provides enough push and grace so that you can have a healthy balance for achieving your goals. This is perfect for business owners who have limited time to make changes but want to take big steps in their business- talking to the mamas and 9-5'rs!

This experience takes "checking off your to do list" to the next level! I am getting in the mud with you going through email templates (or creating them with you), creating or revamping your workflow, setting up your CRM (I specialize in HoneyBook) to serve you well, critique your website making sure it's serving you well, etc.

Yes it takes work and yes it takes being vulnerable when it comes to your business. But you're not going to do it alone! I'll be right here, walking in it with you, holding you accountable to your commitment in ways a single coaching call cannot provide.


This mentoring service includes:
  • 6 Consecutive months of mentoring calls
  • Up to 2 calls per month lasting up to 2 hours
  • Access to Emily via Marco Polo app for questions in between calls (subscription included)
  • Access to James for technology questions
  • Resources & Recommendations as needed
  • Client Experience Audit- Emily reviews your workflow, email templates, and client experience from start to finish!
  • Integration services: Help with completing the work so you don't have to!
  • Help with creating workflows, automations, and more in your Honeybook or CRM (including Honeybook Smart Files)
  • Help with curating your own customized email templates, inquiry sequence, and client experience emails.
  • Up to 2/12 calls has the option of being in person (if you're local or wanna visit little Lynchburg)! We host you at our home for a more hands-on mentoring session, meals & snacks provided.

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Investment: $500/month

Integration Mentorship

BUT you don't have time to do all the work!! Results ultimately depend on whether or not you're ready to put in the work. I will be working alongside you on these projects & goals so you can fast track some results! Don't forget you get unlimited Marco Polo Access to me! (subscription included)

You're Willing To Do The Work

3+ Pain Points

You have a few different parts of your business that need some attention but maybe it will take longer to address. Such as: email templates, client experience, or workflow overhauls. This amount of work typically takes several weeks to complete and is not done all at once- some things just require a deeper dive to complete!

Integration Mentoring IS FOR YOU IF...

High Intensity & Low Capacity 

A fancy way of saying big changes in your business while also living your life with balance. This is especially popular for mamas or if you work a 9-5 job. We will work on things gradually as you continue the expectations of life outside your business.

inquire now

This is the perfect trial run for coaching!! Your week long Marco Polo subscription is included in this investment so you will be able to utilize the paid features for our Marco Polo chats! I won't always be able to go into extreme detail when answering your questions on Marco Polo (it is just 7 days worth of coaching) but this access to me for one week is a great starting point. This is also a great resource for new business owners (not just photographers) who may not have it in the budget to invest in other coaching services.  


This mini coaching experience includes:
- 7 consecutive days of coaching
- Marco Polo Pro Subscription- for this week of coaching only
- Access to Emily (& James) to answer your questions via Marco Polo Chats
- Priority response to use this week efficiently
- Bonus: It's a trial run or a small glimpse into the coaching experience

inquire here

Investment: $200  $150

ask em Mini coaching

one week only



In exchange for your info I will set up a consult call to meet you and see if we are a good fit to coach you!

This is where the work begins... I'm here to help as much as I can but it's up to you to do the work! Together we will come up with a realistic plan that you can work with- taking into account your life, family, and financial expectations. If you need me for anything along the way (in between calls) you have access to me via Marco Polo!

Once we have made sure we are a good match for your coaching, and the boring paperwork is complete, I will send you a questionnaire! This will give me a good start to finding out where you are currently and where you wanna go with your business & coaching!

Our first official call! This is where we focus on where you've been, where you're going, and answer any questions you have!


call #1

game plan


the Process

Coaching with Emily

what to expect when investing in coaching & audits


the Process

Coaching with Emily

what to expect when investing in coaching & audits

The remaining calls are to help you complete tasks, stay focused on your goals, and keep you accountable so you see results. That's why I call it the hustle phase!

Our time together may be over but I'm still cheering you on! My coaching is offered monthly so if you need another month or two in the future, I'm here for ya!

Depending on what coaching experience you're investing in, you'll have different levels of access! The bottom line is, I'm an open book and here to help you!

This is truly the biggest benefit to coaching. I'm going to hold you to your commitment. Because at the end of the day, if you're not committed then you won't push forward in your business. My coach still holds me accountable for my business and I want to do the same for you! Whether it's daily chats, help with next steps, doing an audit on part of your business, additional calls, etc. I want this coaching to offer more to you than a typical 2 hour call.

hustle Phase


follow up

access to emily

how do i get started?

First step is to fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page. Share about your business, your goals, and lets talk details about how to get you to your goals. Once I understand where you are right now, we can figure out the next steps to overcome these overwhelming feelings!

How far out do you book up? When should i inquire?

We take a very limited number of coaching clients because we are still running our own photography business. We are in your shoes every day still! With this in mind, we only take 3-5 coaching clients each month. So you're interested in coaching, it's a good idea to go ahead and inquire to make sure we can work with you!

who are the coaches??

Emily & James Hancock. James has 10+ years in marketing photo & video. He also specializes in gear, technology, and all things Apple! Emily has grown their photography business starting at 4k in 2018 to $85k in 2022. She has grown as a result of a unique client experience, investing in education & coaching, and learning how to use technology to improve workflows. 

i need help with something not on your list of expertise.

We definitely have our expertise like client experience, workflows, understanding your gear, etc. BUT just because I haven't listed your choice of topic doesn't mean we can't offer advice or help! If anything, I know other resources and educators I can put you in contact with to help you in that area IF we aren't sure ourselves.


Ideally, this is for photographers who have at least 1 year of experience and a good idea of what type of services they want to offer. I want to help you quit your 9-5 to pursue your photography business dream!! But if you're not at least one year into business then it may be too early! There is always an exception to the rule though, so inquire with us so we can see for sure!

is this just for photographers?

This is for creative small business owners! While James and I are the most experienced in photography, we have helped video & photo teams, planners, florists, venue owners, hair & makeup stylists, etc. This isn't just limited to wedding vendors but again we're most experienced in this industry. We've also helped boutique owners and pet sitter businesses to name a few non-wedding businesses.

How are we doing these calls? in person? video chat?

I love using Google Meet for calls because it's easy to use and almost every business has access to this. These calls are typically 1-2 hours long where it's just you and me (& sometimes James if needed). For local business owners, if we are able to host you at our home, that is also a possibility (but not guaranteed). I don't recommend a coffee shop because there are too many distractions!

Can i ask you questions even after our coaching call?

Yes! That is another thing that sets this coaching service apart! During the calls I want us to dive into the overall topic of discussion. But there are always other questions that pop in your head the next day or even week later and that's why I offer Marco Polo conversations. This is a video/audio app (subscription included for some coaching services). By using this app we can have an almost in person conversation without the endless email responses.

Do you offer just one coaching call?

No and here's why... I've done this myself. I invested in 1 coaching call and at the end of the 2 hour call I was left with even more questions than I came to the call with... I feel that if I had 1-2 more calls with that educator, then it would have greatly helped me and been worth the investment! That's why I include at least 2 calls per service.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do! I know this is an investment so we make it easier by offering a payment plan with 2 payments. The first is your nonrefundable deposit to hold your spot in my coaching schedule. The last payment is due the last week of our coaching service before we say goodbye. You'll be able to see your payment plan in your contract.

do you offer a refund?

Our coaching content is living content, meaning that when things change in the industry our coaching recommendations may change. We don't guarantee any specific results because every business and coaching call is different. Some goals are only achievable after several months of work while some can be completed in a matter of a few weeks. It's for these reasons that we are not able to offer a refund. We want your business to succeed and you to feel confident in this investment! So if you are not happy with our coaching services, we ask for the opportunity to work together on a solution.

Do you share my info...

Absolutely not! I do believe that even if you copied everything I do as a business owner, you still couldn't replace ME -we are all unique! But we are committed to keeping your info private. The contract we have in place protects your information and as well as ours.

Frequently asked questions

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She's spillin the all tea!

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The problem solver, encourager, details & client experience obsessed, photographer & coach helping you actually accomplish things in your biz 

I may have started out as James' assistant holding the camera bag but after 8 years in the industry, 5 years owning and growing a photography business, 2 years full time in my business, 1 year of both James & I full time, here we are living our dream! -It's possible for you too!

I have invested in education & coaching and have seen first hand how investing in these things has CHANGED THE GAME for me!!! Coaching was the key to get me to where I am today. Just because I bought "all the courses" out there didn't mean I had instant success. I had to actually apply what I learned and stick with it!- Even during the valleys of business...

If you're here, chances are you are meant to have your business despite those "I wanna quit" feelings - which it's totally human of you to have those feelings by the way. Friend, you have what it takes! I know that because you're here. You just need someone to help pick you up, give you some clarity, and encourage you to keep going!

I firmly believe that your business has a purpose. The only way your business can fulfill that purpose is if YOU are living into your commitments with yourself and your business. Lets simplify the overwhelm, make a plan, and take your business to the next level!

Meet emily

your biggest cheerleader

You have established yourself and your brand but something just seems off or stale... Sometimes it takes some fresh eyes on your business to see the missing links between you and the next level! And while sometimes it helps to ask in facebook groups... those rude & under-qualified people commenting their critiques can cause more mental stress than necessary! When we work together I dig a little deeper into what makes you, YOU! My critiques are always done with love and respect for what you've built and where you're going.


I have seen first hand how bitterness, jealousy, and a copy-cat mindset can ruin a business, relationship, or friendship. As I've shared before, I believe every business has a purpose and there is enough room at the table for the ones that are truly in it for the long haul. It fuels my soul to help others succeed because the educators & coaches that have poured into me have changed my life forever. And I wanna pay that forward.

Community over competition


I have always been known as: the mom of the group, a friend to the introverts alone in the corner, a recovering people pleaser, encourager for those stuck in the valleys of life & business, motivator to
GET THINGS DONE, recovering perfectionist, comedic relief, etc. I see your struggles because I've been there. I want to help you out of the overwhelm and the feeling of being stuck so you can have excitement for your business again!



This is truly the thing that sets me apart from other photographers. I have crafted a unique experience that has me booking my couple's bridal party weddings over and over again. I LOVE helping other businesses tailor an experience that represents their brand well. This is my long game marketing strategy that really does work!

Client experience


I am the details girl, always thinking of new ways to make things better. I am known for being extra, a blend of Jessica Day & Leslie Knope (from a few of my favorite shows). A good workflow makes you feel confident in your business and your clients are served well. I can help you create a workflow that fits your unique business needs!




This is my love language! I love helping and serving others. I can't even describe the joy I have seeing someone I have helped reach a goal, quit their 9-5, book a higher paying client, etc. This is a HUGE reason I am now offering coaching services. This fires me up and brings purpose to this love language of mine.

acts of service


Her favorite things:

The quiet one who is working behind the scenes & researching the best technology for your business! His specialities are Photo, Video, & IT Support. He's also your bonus resource with Emily's coaching!

With over 10 years in this industry, I have become proficient in editing in Lightroom, understanding camera gear inside and out, and researching the latest computers & tech for business. I genuinely love all the nerdy things the media industry has to offer!

I am the one working behind the scenes for EHP and that does include a few different roles for the coaching side of our business. I leave all the boring and tedious stuff to Emily but I'll be here with recommendations for the fun stuff aka the gear and tech for your business! 

I've also been known as the IT Support in our photography friend groups. So If you have questions about your gear, editing tricks, or anything tech related, I'm your guy!

I firmly believe that it's not the gear that makes a business successful,
but you need to understand how to work your gear in order to be successful!

Meet James

it support & tech guy

We'd love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below or send a note directly to us at:

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i treat your coaching like my own, which means I don't work with just anyone, spots are limited!

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