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If you are a couple starting to plan your wedding, one of our EH Couples, one of our coaching clients, or own a creative small business, this podcast is for you!!

Tea time with emily

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Weddings & Business

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The last 6 years James & Emily have been heavily involved in the wedding industry. If you want the inside scoop on the wedding industry, need advice or tips for your wedding, or want to hear from wedding vendors & real couples getting married, you'll wanna listen in!

Newly Engaged Couples

Creative Business Owners

James & Emily are business owners with 7 years of experience, 2 years working full time in business. If you want help with a problem, have questions about all things business, or want to hear interviews with real business owners, you'll wanna listen in!!

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Emily's Brides & Grooms

Get to know your photographer in a way that is relatable and have the opportunity to have all your questions answered! Your episode requests will be prioritized over all the other requests submitted HERE!!

I'm Emily, the one with a slight lisp.

You've seen me as a Podcaster and Youtuber but I'm also a Wedding Photographer and Business Owner! Find out what we have in common and then introduce yourself!

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The heart behind this podcast is to help brides & grooms as well as fellow business owners! These two types of people (sometimes one and the same) are who I love to serve in an intentional way! I'm sharing things that have helped me get to where I am now in business and things I wish I would have known as a bride all those years ago!

Cheering on Couples as they plan the wedding of their dreams and Business Owners navigating all the exciting moments and hardships of business.

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I want this podcast to be helpful for you- engaged couples and fellow entrepreneurs! Share your struggles, questions, and more with me at this form here. I save & read through all these responses!

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